This is a quick note regarding your excellence service at Moneywise Investments Plc. We have our cars and home insured through Moneywise. Recently, we were unfortunate enough to have two claims within a month of one another. This is truly why you buy insurance from reputable people you can call rather than a face on television. Your employees were compassionate and understanding. More importantly they got the claims handled. Within one month of turning in each claim, the claims were closed and I had cheques in my hand. Never once did I feel Moneywise was trying to minimize my loss or negotiate unfairly. They wanted a happy customer and they have one! The staff at Moneywise dealt with all our issues with care and consideration. We felt that we were part of a family. Since it is a family oriented-business, all our concerns were dealt with in this way. Well Done!!!! For an outstanding service. THANK YOU to Shashi and friends for your continued diligent service.