Business & Events Insurance


Taking into consideration all potential areas of risk for your business, we will custom build
your business insurance policy for you.

This may include the following options:

Contents insurance – Damage to business assets due to theft or accidental damage could
have a huge impact on your business, and seriously interrupt sales. Get covered with business
contents insurance to ensure you do not run the risk of replacing items without the financial means to do so.

Fixtures and fittings insurance – Shop fixtures and fittings are a large retail business investment and
one that you would want to last. If, for any reason, your fixtures are damaged or stolen, you can turn
to your fixtures and fittings insurance as part of your shop insurance policy.

Public liability insurance – Make sure you’re covered for potential compensation claims due to accidents
in the workplace. Rely on us to ensure you’re covered, so that you don’t have to worry about the cost of a claim.

Employer’s liability insurance – If you employ more than one person, employer’s liability insurance is a
must to protect you against any potential claims made by employees who have been injured at work.

Business premises insurance –To avoid unnecessary costs due to unforeseen events such as fire
damage or flood damage, insure your business premises today.


Types of businesses we cover include:

  • Retail and commercial shops
  • Commercial Insurance- Factories, manufacturing, all liability including public liability
  • Care Homes
  • Temples
  • Churches
  • Hairdressers

We also offer Event Insurance for exhibitions, conferences, concerts and much more.

Why you might need event insurance

  • To protect your irrecoverable expenses or loss of profit if your event is necessarily and unavoidably cancelled, curtailed, postponed or abandoned.
  • You could face legal claims for accidental injury to attendees or for damage to the venue or a delegate’s property. Many venues require organisers to hold public liability insurance to use their venue
  • You could face a legal claim if an employee, volunteer or temporary member of your staff is injured whilst working at your event
  • Damage to, or the theft of your property, venue fixtures and fittings, or hired property at the event, might not be covered by your existing business insurance.

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