Landlords' & Property Owners' Insurance

We can build your policy with your needs in mind, and add in extras to your policy if required. We can advise
you on all of your options when building your Landlord Insurance policy, so that we identify all potential areas
of risk that may cause damage to your properties or your business.


Building and Contents Insurance

As a landlord we know your properties are your biggest asset. This is why insuring your
buildings against any potential risk such as fire damage or flood damage can mean you
don’t risk huge loss. If you own rental properties that are fully furnished, landlord contents
insurance will cover you for any damage or loss of furniture and fittings. We can tailor your
policy to the furniture and fittings you have in each of your properties.

Property Owners Liability Insurance

Avoid the cost of a potential compensation claim made against you by a tenant. When you
add property owners liability insurance to your policy you can be confident that any claim
made against you will not cost you significantly and will not damage your income. Don’t
worry about potential accidents in your property – make sure you’re covered so that you
can take care of your business.

Landlords Home Emergency Insurance

Whether you let out one property or multiple properties, the option to insure your boiler
and heating systems, your plumbing and drainage, and power supply can save you time and money.

Landlords Legal Expenses Insurance

In the event of having to evict a tenant and going through the lengthy process of eviction, ensure
you are covered for legal expenses and loss of rent. If your tenants are in breach of their
contract you can be covered for any damage caused to the property, any loss of rent and legal
advice that you may require. Don’t run the risk of significant and expensive fees and costs.

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