Having dealt with you for over 10 years, I would have no hesitation in recommending your services. It isn’t often that you will encounter a brokerage that constantly puts the client’s interests first. You actively seek out the most suitable and competitive insurance solution at each renewal stage and in the majority of cases is able to deliver exceeding my expectations. I have always found everyone at Moneywise very efficient, courteous and helpful. You make every effort to meet your client’s requirements. Keep up the good work and thank you.
This is a quick note regarding your excellence service at Moneywise Investments Plc. We have our cars and home insured through Moneywise. Recently, we were unfortunate enough to have two claims within a month of one another. This is truly why you buy insurance from reputable people you can call rather than a face on television. Your employees were compassionate and understanding. More importantly they got the claims handled. Within one month of turning in each claim, the claims were closed and I had cheques in my hand. Never once did I feel Moneywise was trying to minimize my loss or negotiate unfairly. They wanted a happy customer and they have one! The staff at Moneywise dealt with all our issues with care and consideration. We felt that we were part of a family. Since it is a family oriented-business, all our concerns were dealt with in this way. Well Done!!!! For an outstanding service. THANK YOU to Shashi and friends for your continued diligent service.
I am a client of Moneywise Investment PLC from 1980. I have found that they provide competitive quotes and excellent services. Most of the time I deal with Mrs Shashi Adatia. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Shashi as an insurance provider. Shashi goes the extra mile to get me a good deal. Her prices are competitive and I also receive a one on one personal service, which makes finding the right insurance a joy rather than the usual pain and endless form filling on comparison websites I'd experienced in the past.